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The Beach Buddy Tote Bag - Yellow

This trendy beach bag is stylish and will turn heads! The Beach Buddy Tote Bag is made of 100% premium quality terry velour cotton. This beach bag is actually 5 bags-in-1, and converts into a full size beach towel and blanket. This one-of-a-kind beach bag consists of 2 small bags (16" wide x 16" long), a large bag (16" wide x 60" long), a waterproof waist bag/fanny pack, a full size beach towel and a beach blanket.

It's perfect for quick and easy carrying of bulky items during various outdoor activities. The large bag changes into a towel and blanket for your convenience so that you don't have to carry an extra towel during your beach and pool days.

The Beach Buddy also saves you money! If you purchased separately 4 bags, a towel, and a blanket, it would cost you over $80.00. The BEACH BUDDY Tote Bag is only $49.95, which is $30.00 less than the total cost of each item when bought separately.

Price: $49.95