Guaranteed To Improve Life!

"What's NEW About This Maine Garden HOD Harvest Basket"

'6' Ways This 'HOD' Basket Will Make A Difference In Your Life....

1. This Maine Garden 'HOD' Makes Your Job Harvesting And Washing Your Garden's Fresh Vegetables A Lot Easier. Read On.

I especially like this Made-In-Maine 'HOD' basket for all home owners who have gardens in their back yards. Here's why.

You never have to dirty your kitchen sink again with your freshly harvested vegetables. You can quickly rinse away the dirt and bugs outside. A Pike's Original Maine Garden 'HOD' makes this happen conveniently and easily for you. The video above showed you how easy it is, right.

You want to put them in the sink clean because you want to make your wife happy, and of course, save yourself a lot of time on clean-up, too, especially the sink.

Quickly & Easily Rinse Away Dirt & Bugs Outside In This Garden 'Hod' Basket

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2. This Pike's Original Maine Garden Basket Makes Your Work Carrying Your Harvested Vegetables And Fruit Easier Than Ever Before.

Easily Carry Your Vegetables In This 'HOD' Basket From Your Garden To Your Kitchen
Your hand fits comfortably around this Maine Garden Hod's handle because of its rounded design.

And, you'll love how this Garden Hod Basket weighs next to nothing, which also makes carrying it packed with vegetables and fruit lighter and easier.

And, as a matter of fact, you'll love using this HOD Harvest Basket to make shopping at the farmers' markets easier.

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3. These Pike's Garden Harvest Baskets Makes It Easier For You To Organize And SAVE Time Harvesting Your Vegetables, Fruits, Or Flowers.

There are two (2) sizes of Pike's Original Garden 'Hod' Harvesting Basket to meet your gardening and storing needs:

  • The L'il Hod (left) measures 16"L x 9"W x 5 1/4"H with about 1 peck (8 Quarts/2 Gallons) holding capacity.

  • The Original Hod (right) measures 19 1/4"L x 11"W x 7 1/4"H with about 2 pecks (16 Quarts/4 Gallons) holding capacity.

Quickly & Easily Organize Your Vegetables In These 'HOD' Garden Harvest Baskets So You SAVE Time.
You'll be amazed how much time you'll save harvesting your garden using these large and sturdy Pike's Harvest Baskets. guarantees it or your money back.

You'll be able to organize your vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and any other veggies you grow easier because of how roomy these baskets are. Look at the pictures above.

I'm sure you'll agree, because the body of these baskets are of a mesh design, you can wash your vegetables, fruits, or flowers directly in them saving you time and energy from having to wash them in the kitchen sink.

Click here to order your own Made-In-Maine Garden Harvest Basket

4. This Pikes Original HOD Basket Is Perfect For Container Gardening Because It's Weather Resistant, Affordable, And Trendy.

Do you want a trendy container garden to make your back yard look even more beautiful?

Check out the Pike's Garden Harvest Basket. You'll like how it stands out above the rest because of its original and unique design.

See how its pine sides, birch frame dowels, steam-bent oak handle, and stainless steel mesh body, which is covered with a high-quality grade vinyl, makes this Garden HOD Basket a very trendy looking basket to grow your vegetables, fruits, or flowers in your backyard.

Not to mention, how good it drains off any excess water. As you can see, its mesh designed body makes that happen easily.

And, if you use your imagination, you can create an incredible floral centerpiece in this Pikes Garden Harvest HOD Basket to brighten up your kitchen or dining room.

This Pike Garden HOD Basket Is Very Trendy And Quite Practical If You Don't Have A Lot Of Land For Container Gardening

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5. This Maine 'HOD' Can Also Be Used As A Condiment Caddy Saving You Time When You're Hosting A Barbacue.

Easily Carry All Your Condiments In This 'HOD' Basket From Your Kitchen To Your Outdoor Patio Table
One of the best parts about summer is outdoor dining. There is something so refreshing about eating outside under an umbrella, enjoying a fresh breeze, and the scent of flowers in the air.

For all the pleasures it offers, though, eating outdoors does present a few problems.

Sturdy plastic dishes and flatware are a must. And, you are not too likely to leave your condiments out on the patio table throughout the hot days. This means many trips to the kitchen for napkins, extra forks, and condiments.
Your Maine HOD Basket is a clever solution to help cut down on kitchen trips and make outdoor summer dining a bit easier and more stylish.

Click here to order your own Made-In-Maine Garden Harvest Basket

6. This HOD Harvest Basket Is Also An Excellent Bread Basket.

From the outset of the experience, your family, friends, and guests expect only the best from you.

When bread is the first thing you serve to your guests, you must ensure that the presentation of this traditional baked good is as visually pleasing as it is appetizing.

The Li'l HOD Basket does just that! guarantees you every single penny back that your guests will compliment you on your good taste when you serve them bread in this Li'l HOD Harvest Basket.

This 'Hod' Harvest Basket Makes A Visually Pleasing Bread Serving Basket

Store Your Vegetables Or Fruit In Your HOD Harvest Basket To Add That Country-Style Atmosphere To Your Kitchen
When you're not serving bread, you can use this slylish basket for storing your vegetables or fruits.

As you can see, this HOD Harvest Basket will add a world of atmosphere to your kitchen.

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Basket (8 Quarts) NOW.

Retail Price $43.00
Your Roxies Shop Sale Price $33.50
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Retail Price $55.00
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90 Day Risk FREE - 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! wants you to be completely delighted with your purchase of your Pikes's Maine Garden 'HOD' Basket.

You should know that offers an unheard of 90-Day Risk Free 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee on your Pikes's Original Maine Garden HOD Basket.

This means if you're not completely happy with your Pikes's Original Maine Garden HOD Basket after trying it out for 90 days from your date of purchase, you can return it for a full refund or exchange, no questions asked.

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