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"You'll Be Amazed How Your Kaz e Kup® Cup Holder Instantly Transforms Your Existing Car's Cup Holder Into A Better Cup Holder That's Deeper, Larger, & Wider To Hold Your Large Drinks Securer So That They Won't Ever Topple Over Or Fall Out In Your Car Anymore.

You Should Know Your Kaz e Kup® Cup Holder Is Wide Enough To Fit & Hold A 32oz Gatorade® Bottle Easily & Securely.

When You Hold Your Drinks In The Kaz e Kup® Cup Holder, You Won't Have To Worry About Your Drinks Falling, Toppling, Or Spilling In Your Car Again, Especially When You Accidentially Drive Over Potholes & Bumpy Roads, Or Make Sudden Stops & Fast Turns!

Your Kaz e Kup® Cup Holder Is 100% Guaranteed To Improve Your Existing Car Cup Holder Because It Prevents Your Drinks From Falling, Overflowing, & Spilling In Your Car Or Your Money Back!"

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