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"The Quickest, Easiest, And Cleanest Way To Open Crab Claws, Lobster Tails, And Shrimp Shells"

The CrabAppeal shellfish opener is a fabulous invention for anyone who enjoys eating seafood but does not like the work of fighting the shells and cleaning the mess.

Within seconds, the CrabAppeal shellfish cutter will open and remove the shell off all your favorite shellfish seafood.

This simple little device is constructed to effectively, with ease cut, open, and remove the shell from crab claws, lobsters, shrimp, and any other shellfish that is difficult to cut open.

The CrabAppeal Shellfish Opener Cuts Open Your Crab Claws & Lobster Tails Quicker, Easier, And Cleaner Than Traditional Shellfish Crackers

How many times have you wanted to order seafood at a restaurant but was at a loss with what to do with the tools and really did not want the mess. Well, with the CrabAppeal crab claw opener you eliminate the flying shellfish mess because you are cutting your crab claws open instead of hammering or cracking them.

And, the CrabAppeal shellfish opener is small enough to tuck away in your purse opening the doors everywhere to any seafood entrée your heart desires.

CrabAppeal shellfish opener also makes a great gift for your friends and family who love seafood. They are perfect for stocking stuffers, as a wedding gift, or really, about any occasion you could think of. As long as there is a love for seafood, there will be a love for the CrabAppeal.

Equally important is the safety of CrabAppeal shellfish remover cutter, which makes this shellfish opening tool a great gift for the young and the old, too.

No more having to tend to your child or elders’ plate while your shellfish is getting cold. CrabAppeal shellfish cutter removes lobster tails and crab claws so safe and easy that even a child can use it. This shellfish cutting tool is much safer to use than scissors or shellfish crackers.

Frustrations in the removal of the delicate shellfish meat makes many opt to eat something less time consuming.

The CrabAppeal takes the frustration and extra time out of enjoying the delicious meat of shelled seafood.

The CrabAppeal shellfish opener effectively eliminates:

  • Cutting or scratching fingers and hands from trying to re-break what the shell cracker could not break
  • Dripping shellfish meat or juice on ones clothes
  • Wasting time trying to get to the meat while the shellfish meat is getting cold
  • Embarrassing attempts to break or cut through a tough shell
  • Wearing of uncomfortable lobster bibs

You cannot go wrong with a CrabAppeal regardless if it is for your own personal use or that of a gift.

The economic price makes it something that one can purchase one per every member of a family and use it as a great Christmas Gift, or a house-warming gift. The CrabAppeal along with a gift certificate to a couple’s favorite seafood restraint would make a great anniversary gift.

Meals such as lobster, king crab, snow crab, shrimp and many more shellfish are no longer a chore, but a joy to eat with CrabAppeal.

Special family and friend dinners can now even be that much more special when you serve seafood and have available for the guest their own CrabAppeal Shellfish shell remover. At last, no more limiting those special Sunday dinners to a pot roast.

Because now with CrabAppeal shellfish remover, you can have that seafood feast in peace.

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