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"Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Building An Ecommerce Web Site For Your Business"

1:Why should I extent my business to the Internet?
2:What is the UNIM Website Builder?
3:What software do I need to get started?
4:Do I need to know HTML to create my store?
5:What browsers do you recommend for creating a store?
6:How long will it take to get a store online?
7:What will my webstore’s URL be? Can I use my existing URL?
8:Will my store be registered with search engines?
9:How long will it take to build a store?
10:Are there any Content Guidelines??



1: Electronic Commerce is booming. It is now as common to shop over the Internet, as it is to drive down to your local store. Shopping over the Internet is convenient, it gives people the ability to view and compare the products they want, and pay online. Most of the time, products and services are less expensive when you purchase them from an Internet Web store because of the lower overhead of running an online business. Over 100 million people worldwide are now connected to the Internet; online stores have a nearly unlimited potential customer base. Most conservative estimates indicate that e-commerce growth in the next few years will be enormous. From approximately $500 million spent in 1996 by online shoppers, figures for online sales in the year 2000 are estimated at $6 to $8 billion and higher. Do you want an online Unim store?

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UNIM is a simple, cost-effective way to run a business on the Internet. With UNIM our customers can either build a web store and sell their own products and services or open a turnkey superstore storefront. Either way we have an e-commerce solution that suits all needs. UNIM has a completely inter-gradable e-commerce solution.

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After installing the setup software our tools run from our servers, so there is nothing else for you to update or install. You only need your computer and access to the Internet.


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Although you are welcome to use your own HTML, UNIM is designed so that no experience with HTML or related technologies is required. Our easy-to-use store creation tools and turn key web stores take care of formatting and website automation for you. We take care of the technical stuff, if you can point, click, and use a web browser, you're all set!


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We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version Internet Explorer Browser. While we do not require a particular browser, your browser should fully support JavaScript 1.1. If you are using an older browser, you may find it difficult, or impossible, to build a WebStore using our tools.


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A store with 100 products can be created in less than 2 days. All you need is the product information, graphic images of the products and company logo (in .jpeg or .gif format), and a valid e-mail address so we can send information to you. To get your store up and running with UNIM, you will need to arrange all merchant application requirements and officially get signed on. Depending on how much you already have in place, this can take from a day or two to a week.


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Each store has a unique URL, consisting of a (Company Name) which you will be able to select, if that Domain Name has not already been taken,  that is part of the www.(companyname) domain. If you have a registered URL and would like to continue using it, you have two options:

You can use a redirect from the existing URL to a new store URL. Shoppers will not generally notice the URL change -- they will type the existing URL and be automatically redirected to your UNIM WebStore. This is the simplest way to keep your existing URL in use with your new UNIM store.

If you want to use the URL exclusively, you can use a rooted virtual domain name, which will always show the existing URL. This option requires some additional setup to allow for secure credit card transactions, such as purchasing a Security Certificate for the existing domain.


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Unim stores are not automatically registered with search engines. You can register your web store on most of the most popular search engines by clicking one button in your Business Control Center located within the Administration Area of your WebStore.


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If you are interested in building your own online store, a web store with 25 products can be created quickly. All you need is the product information, graphic images of the products (in .jpg or .gif format), a company logo, and a valid e-mail address for both the reseller and merchant.

Stores with larger catalogs can be created by downloading information from a database or spreadsheet to the database on our server. While the initial setup may seem time-consuming, you can maintain a large catalog efficiently with a database -- and can update a store daily if needed.


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10: Unim Quality Assurance process checks and product information for accuracy and appropriateness. Unim reserves the right to remove products that do not further our goals of 1) Providing quality products, 2) A user-friendly interface, and 3) A compelling shopping experience.

Information that is found to be in error will be flagged and an email will be sent to the company email address that you provide. In the case of a missing graphic or thumbnail image that are larger than the specified sizes, Unim reserves the right to substitute a generic image, including the company logo. Information that is found to be inappropriate will cause the account to be suspended. Inappropriate information includes:

Violence/Profanity includes but is not limited to (graphics or text):     
Pictures or text exposing extreme cruelty, physical or emotional acts; against any animal or person, which are primarily intended to hurt or; inflict pain or obscene words, phrases, or profanity.

Partial and Full Nudity includes but is not limited to: Pictures which expose the female breast or include full exposure of either male or female buttocks and pictures exposing any or all portions of the human genitalia. This includes swimsuits or lingerie if the garment is see-through, a thong/g-string, or if the model wearing the item is posed in a provocative manner.

Sexual Acts includes but is not limited to (graphics or text): Pictures or text exposing anyone or anything involved in explicit sexual acts and / or lewd and lascivious behavior, including masturbation, copulation, pedophilia, intimacy involving nude or partially nude people in heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian or homosexual encounters. Also includes phone sex ads, dating services, adult personal ads, CD-ROM's and videos.

Gross Depictions includes but is not limited to (graphics or text): Pictures or descriptive text of anyone or anything which are crudely vulgar or grossly deficient in civility or behavior or which show scatological impropriety. Includes such depictions as maiming, bloody figures, autopsy photos or indecent depiction of bodily functions.

Intolerance includes but is not limited to (graphics or text): Pictures or text advocating prejudice or discrimination against any race, color, national origin, religion, disability or handicap, gender, or sexual orientation. Any picture or text that elevates one group over another. Also includes intolerant jokes or slurs.

Satanic/Cult includes but is not limited to (graphics or text): Satanic material is defined as: Pictures or text advocating devil worship, an affinity for evil, or wickedness. A cult is defined as: A closed society, often headed by a single individual, where loyalty is demanded, leaving may be punishable, and in some instances, harm to self or others is advocated. Common elements may include: encouragement to join, recruiting promises, and influences that tend to compromise the personal exercise of free will and critical thinking.

Illegal Drugs/Drug Culture includes but is not limited to (graphics or text): Pictures or text advocating the illegal use of drugs for entertainment. Includes substances used for other than their primary purpose to alter the individual's state of mind, such as glue sniffing. This category does not include material about the use of illegal drugs when they are legally prescribed for medicinal purposes (e.g., drugs used to treat glaucoma or cancer).

Militant/Extremist includes but is not limited to (graphics or text): Pictures or text advocating extremely aggressive and combative behaviors, or advocacy of unlawful political measures. Topics include groups that advocate violence as a means to achieve their goals. Includes how to information on weapons making, ammunition making or the making or use of pyrotechnics materials. Also includes the use of weapons for unlawful reasons.

Questionable/Illegal & Gambling includes but is not limited to (graphics or text): Pictures or text advocating materials or activities of a dubious nature which may be illegal in any or all jurisdictions, such as illegal business schemes, chain letters, copyright infringement, computer hacking, phreaking (using someone's phone lines without permission) and software piracy.

Merchant acknowledges that Merchant may be subject to civil or criminal liability under the laws of various governmental jurisdictions as a result of posting some of the materials described here as inappropriate.


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