Guaranteed To Improve Life!

"How I Easily Opened A Very Tight Pickle Jar Lid In 5 Seconds, With One Hand, Using This Incredible Jar Opener.

Your Revolutionary Easy Jar Opener Is Guaranteed To Always Open Any Size Stubborn Bottle Cap Or Stubborn Jar Lid Easier & More Comfortable Than Ever Before.

Click Here To See An Amazing Video Presentation On How Your Easy OFF Jar Opener Will QUICKLY & EASILY Open Those Stubborn, Tough To Turn Jar Covers & Bottle Covers!

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This EZ OFF Bottle & Jar Opener Will Make Opening Small & Large Bottles & Jars Up To 6 Inches Diameter Easy, Guaranteed!
You SAVE Kitchen Counter SPACE.
Your Easy Jar Opener Installs Conveniently Under Your Kitchen's Cabinet Or Cupboard Quickly & Easily To Make Bottle & Jar Openings A Breeze!

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A Limited TIME Special Offer - You Get FREE 15 Easy To Read, Easy To Follow Cooking Ebooks With Delicious Appetizer Recipes, Barbecue Recipes, Italian Recipes, And Much More.

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Total Value $57.00

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"You'll Be Amazed How Easy You'll Quickly Open Those Hard-To-Turn, Very Tight, Bottle Caps & Jar Lids.

You Can Invest In More Than One Easy Jar Opener To Give To Your Entire Family As A Gift Because The More Easy Jar Openers You Buy The More You Save!

And, There's MORE! You Get Free 15 E-Cooking Books On Delicious Appetizers, Barbecue, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, And 10 More Cooking Books Containing Mouth-Watering, Easy To Follow Recipes.
Easy Jar Opener Product Easy Jar Opener Quantity Easy Jar Opener Price
1 easy jar opener 1
Easy Jar Opener
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Your Easy Jar
Regular Price $18.95
Your Sale Price $15.95
Plus Free 15 E-Cooking Books

You Save $3.00
2 easy jar opener 2 easy jar opener
Easy Jar Openers
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Your 2 Easy Jar
Regular Price $37.90
Your Sale Price $29.90
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You Save $8.00
3 easy jar opener 3 easy jar opener

3 easy jar opener
Easy Jar Openers
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Your 3 Easy Jar
Regular Price $56.85
Your Sale Price $44.60
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You Save $12.25
4 easy jar opener 4 easy jar opener

4 easy jar opener

4 easy jar opener
Easy Jar Openers
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Your 4 Easy Jar
Regular Price $75.80
Your Sale Price $59.30
Plus Free 15 E-Cooking Books

You Save $16.50

"Here's Easy Bottle Opener & Easy Jar Openers Unconditional, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Is So Confident You'll Open Those Stubborn Bottles & Jars' Covers From As Small As A Nail Polish Bottle Cover To As Large As A 6" Pickle Jar Lid 10X Quicker Than Any Other Bottle Opener & Jar Opener On The Market Today Or Your Easy Jar Opener Is FREE."

Satisfied Customers' Testimonials

My jar opener arrived today and I love it - you can't see it under my counter because there is a piece of moulding to hide undercounter lighting. Great product - I will recommend! - Paula

We received the easy jar opener this afternoon, and installed it immediately, and used it immediately on a jar of pickles. I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it is very difficult for me to open all jars. This product works wonderfully, and now my wife Linda and I have an easy time of it. The EZ OFF easy jar opener should be in every household. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! - Allyn and Linda

This magic invention arrived this afternoon and I was able to open a jar of pickled cucumbers that has been staring at me for some weeks now. I am elated and delighted and recommend it to anyone who has difficulty in opening jars. I have tried other devices to open jars but alas without success. This innovative invention is quite remarkable. It was sent all the way to me in South Africa for which I am truly grateful! - Martin F Marx

"What Are The Most Common Uses For The Easy OFF Bottle & Easy Jar Opener?"

  • Jam & Jelly Jars
  • Jam and Jelly Bottles & Jars
  • Peanut Butter Bottles & Jars
  • Pickle Jars
  • Nail Polish Bottles
  • Medicine Bottles with Child-Locks
  • New Bottles with Plastic Safety Wrappers
  • Car Product Bottles
  • Gardening Chemical Bottles

  • Opens lids effortlessly!
  • Easy installation with peel-and-stick adhesive.
  • Hides under cabinet or a cupboard.
  • Requires no greater grip than a handshake.
  • Opens lids from fingernail polish to a 6" jar.
  • Original patented product.


  • Perfect for the kitchen, RV, offices, and second homes.
  • Opens large and small jars, nail polish bottles, child proffing on medicine bottles.
  • Perfect aid for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and fibromyalgia.


  • Easy Jar Holder's teeth prevent lids from slipping.
  • Relible, works every time, guaranteed!

More Satisfied Customers' Testimonials

"A friend of mine gave me an EZOFF Easy Jar Opener and I don't know what I ever did without it." - Louise Mares

"Please send me more EZOff Easy Jar Openers. I have used the product for several years, and I ran out of extras for gifts. Thank you for making lid opening so easy." - C. Massie

"A friend gave me an EZOff Easy Jar Opener for Christmas, and I can't live without it! It is a "must" in our household and should be in every household." - Francis H. High

"I am 76 years old, and I can not cook without your easy lid opener! It makes a great gift also." - Ruby M. Hankins

"My mother went into assisted living in Phoenix. I noticed she did not have an EZOff Easy Jar Opener so I sent her one. She tells me it's the best gift an older woman can get. My husband likes ours because I never have to ask him to open a jar or bottle for me. It really is my best kitchen helper. Thank you." - Shirley J. Ackerman

"You'll Install Your Easy Jar Opener Under Your Kitchen Cabinet Or Cupboard In These Two Quick & Easy Steps."

Important Note: The Jar Opener's adhesive is super strong and may stick to your cabinet permanently. Therefore, you should install your jar opener in a convenient, easily available location where you can use it easily.


"Your Easy Jar Opener Will Open Those Bottles & Jars Tight, Impossible to Open Covers In These Two Quick & Easy Steps."


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