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"What If I Told You There's A Tote Bag Called The Beach Buddy That Does More Than Just Help You Carry Everything Quicker & Easier.
The Beach Buddy Tote Bag Amazingly Does So Much More To Make Your Life Easier; I Can't List Everything In One Sentence.
You've Got To Read On To Find Out Just How Much More!"



Is this you carrying your beach accessories the hard way? Click to enlarge.
Before you use the
Beach Buddy

Or, is this you carrying your beach accessories the easier and hands free way! Click to enlarge.
After you use the
Beach Buddy

Jackie is showing you how simple and easy it is to carry her beach chair, beach umbrella, & body board in her pink Beach Buddy tote bag. Click to enlarge.
Carrying everything
made easy!

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"Happy Customers' Beach Buddy Tote Bag Testimonials to!"

"Introducing The World's Most Advanced Tote Bag That'll Save You Time To Enjoy Yourself More At The Beach.
The Beach Buddy Saves You Time Because You Can Expand It To Carry All Your Supplies At Once In One Trip.

We Guarantee You That You Will Carry Everything Quicker & Easier In The Beach Buddy Tote Bag Or Your Money Back!

At Last, You Don't Have To Hurt Your Hands & Shoulders Anymore Carrying All Your Beach Accessories To The Beach, Pool, Picnic, Boat, & Cruise.

Now, You Can Comfortably Carry All Your Beach Accessories Including Your Beach Chair & Beach Umbrella In Your Beach Buddy Tote Bag The Quick, Easy, & Hands Free Way!"

"The Beach Buddy Fashion Tote Bag Wins 2 INPEX 2006 Trade Show Recognition Awards At Pittsburgh, PA

"Annoyed When Everything Falls From Under Your Arms While Walking Into The

Tired Of Carrying More Than One Bag In Your Hands Or More Than One Strap Over Your Shoulders?

The Avid Beach Goers At Has Solved These Frustrating & Inconvenient Problems With The Beach BuddyFashion Tote Bag...

NOW! You Can Carry Everything In One Bag Quickly, Easily, & Safely!

The Beach Buddy Fashion Tote Bag Expands Lengthways To Fit & Carry Your Larger Necessities Hassle Free & Hands Free.

The Perfect Tote Bag For Beach Umbrellas.

Do You Sometimes Forget To Carry Your Beach Towel?

Well, The Beach Buddy Can Help You With This Little Problem, Too!

Believe It Or Not, You Can Convert The Beach Buddy Fashion Tote Bag Into A Full Size Absorbent Beach Towel On Those Beach Days When You've Forgotten One.

This Fashion Tote Bag Is Made From A Unique Blend Of 100% Cotton Terry Fabric That's Cool, Soft, & Comfortable.

You've Forgotten Your Towel So You Use Your Tee Shirt To Cover Your Hot Beach Chair.

Your Tee Shirt Doesn't Cover The Hot Chair Enough So You Sit On The Sand, But That's Even Hotter!

So, What Do You Do?

Well, You're In Luck Because The Beach Buddy Fashion Tote Bag Is Also A Cool, Cushiony Soft Beach Blanket That's Perfect For Those Hot Days When You're In Need Of A Comfortable One, Too!

The Beach Buddy Fashion Tote Bag Is The Only Bag That'll Help You Carry All Your Accessories & Necessities Quicker & Easier To The Beach, Pool, Spa, Caribbean Vacations, Cruises, & Caribbean Excursions! Has Taken A Fashion Tote Bag To Whole New Level!

The Beach Buddy Tote Bag Is The Only One-Of-Its-Kind Which Has The Following Benefits & Features!"


"A Happy Customer's Testimonial to!"

The Beach Buddy is an easy to master bag that made my life easier. When I usually drudge to the car with 4 bags after a fun day at the beach I realized why shouldn't I finish the beach day as fun as it began. The Beach Buddy has helped me with that as packing beach umbrellas, radios, coolers, keys, wallets, tanning oil was all condensed into one bag which allowed me to comfortably walk along the broad walk with my family after leaving the waves for the day. It made the trip home a much more enjoyable task.

Also my puppy loves the feel of the Beach Buddy so much I have adjusted it with the easy adjustable zipper and made it a travel bag for my dog who totally loves it. What's also great about this tote bag is that the weight is so evenly placed when you are walking it feels like a fraction of the weight is actually being carried. I truly have made a buddy with the Beach Buddy and hope everyone has the chance to see why I speak raves of this awesome bag....Richard Stasi, Queens, NY - June 6, 2006

"Click Here To See Which 4 Celebrities Own The Beach Buddy Fashion Tote Bag!" presents the multipurpose unisex Beach Buddy fashion tote bag. These fashion tote bags are the ultimate carry-all all-in-one tote bags. These tote bags surely make your life a little easier when going to the beach & pool. Besides the beach & pool, these stylish tote bags are perfect for spa, gym, picnic, boat, cruise, & Caribbean vacation!

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Durable
  • Expandable
  • Machine Washable
  • Reliable
  • Sand-Resistant
  • Stylish
  • Water-Resistant

Click here to order your Beach Buddy fashion tote bag NOW!

"Click Here To See How The Beach Buddy Tote Bag Makes Carrying Your Beach Chair Easy!"


"NEW Fashion! NEW Style! NEW Design!"

The new Beach Buddy™ is the ultimate carry-all fashion tote bag. This comfortable fashion tote bag is perfect for you to use at the beach, pool, gym, spa, picnic, boat, cruise, and Caribbean vacation. guarantees you that this convenient fashion tote bag will save you time, money, and effort.

You'll save time and effort because you'll be able to carry all your belongings all at once in one bag! You'll save money because the price of this all-in-one tote bag cost a lot less than buying 5 tote bags, a waist bag, a towel, and a blanket, that's included in the Beach Buddy tote bag, separately!


  • A Mix & Match Look
  • A Fresh NEW Look
  • A Bold NEW Look
  • A Lively Look
  • A Real Head-Turner
  • A Uniquely Different Look
  • A Smashing NEW Look
  • A True Attention-Getter

Bryan has mixed & matched the Beach Buddy. He has matched the yellow waist bag / fanny pack with the blue tote bag.Jackie has mixed & matched her Beach Buddy. She has mixed the blue waist bag with the pink tote bag.

Click here to order your Beach Buddy fashion tote bag NOW!

"Click Here To See How The Beach Buddy Fashion Tote Bag Makes Packing Up Your Beach Chair & Beach Umbrella Quick & Easy!"

"Made To Last...Made To Perform!"

Your new Beach Buddy™ fashion tote bag is made of 100% cotton terry, which is durable enough for you to hold and carry of all your outdoor activities' essential items together, whether they're big or small.

Besides being durable enough to carry anything, this fashion beach bag also converts into an absorbent, full size beach towel for your drying needs and a soft beach blanket for your comfort.


  • Authentically Styled


  • Fashionably Original


  • Eye-catching Appeal


  • Impeccably Designed

Click here to order your Beach Buddy fashion tote bag NOW!

"Comfort & Convenience In A BAG!"

And if that's not enough, the strap is a stylish water-resistant waist bag / fanny pack for you to protect and securely carry your personal, valuable items. You don't have to worry about leaving your valuables behind or taking them into the water.

And because the waist bag is on the strap handle when you're carrying the tote bag, you'll have easy access to your store your cell phone, money, wallet, suntan oil, & sunscreen lotion.


  • Easy To Carry


  • Easy To Use


  • Easy To Wash


  • Easy To Open & Close


"Our customers rave that the Beach Buddy™ fashion tote bag is a superb multipurpose tote bag. They say this fashion tote bag opens wide and very easily to pack all their stuff in. It's also extremely easy to carry because of its comfortable, non-slip terry strap.

Being able to carry their beach umbrellas, tents, and folded beach chairs all at once in one bag is very convenient and helpful, especially when you need both hands to hold on to your children or pets.

This fashion tote bag absolutely makes carrying those long bulkier items, you know like your 6 foot beach umbrella, much more easier!"

"Save Yourself Time By Comfortably Carrying All Your Beach Stuff In One Bag The Fast, Easy, & Hands Free Way"

With the Beach Buddy fashion tote bag, you can store & carry your beach umbrellas, folded tents, & beach chairs comfortably!

1) "The Beach Buddy's Small Tote Bags - Stylish Design With Carrying Comfort In Mind!"

Jackie is showing you the hot pink Beach Buddy™ fashion tote bag. This version of the fashion tote bag is actually two small tote bags located side by side (folded). In these small tote bags, you can carry your small beach day essentials such as water bottles, lotions, clothes, footwear, small kids toys, and much more.

NEW! The Beach Buddy™ Is The Only Fashion Tote Bag Of Its Kind! ***You Pay Only $49.95***
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"Adjustable, Padded Shoulder Strap!"

Bryan is over 6 feet tall. He is showing you how long the strap can be adjusted. The comfortable, durable strap and its attachments are also reinforced to prevent tearing and ripping.

Because the strap is reinforced, you can carry many items in the small tote bags and not worry about the straps breaking away from the tote bags.

"The Big Tote Bag Is Easy To Load & Unload Thanks To Its Unique Zipper Design!"

Jackie is showing you the hot pink Beach Buddy™ fashion tote bag opened into the big tote bag. With this large tote bag, you can carry your large beach items such as folded beach chairs, soccer balls, footballs, folded tents, and much more.

Don't inconvenience yourself carrying an extra bag for your large beach items. Just expand the Beach Buddy fashion tote bag to fit your larger items. This fashion tote bag makes carrying everything all at once easy for you!

Bryan is showing you the durable sea blue large duffel bag. This extra roomy duffel bag is perfect for storing and carry your 5 foot, 6 foot, and 7 foot wide beach umbrellas quickly and easily. Features an all-around zipper closure to totally secure your essential items.

NEW! The Beach Buddy™ Is The Only Fashion Tote Bag Of Its Kind! ***You Pay Only $49.95***
Click Here To Order Your Beach Buddy Tote Bag

"The Beach Buddy™ Is A Convenient, Dependable All-in-one Tote Bag."

Need a small tote bag; you've got one!

Need a big tote bag; you've got one!

Need a duffel bag; you've got one!

Need a barrel bag; you've got one! (the duffel bag expands into the barrel bag)

Why Would You Buy An Ordinary Tote Bag, When You Could Buy An Extraordinary One! ***You Pay Only $49.95***
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Your Beach Buddy fashion tote bag includes a water-resistant waist bag / fanny pack to store your valuable items so they won't get lost at the beach!

2) "A Water-Resistant Waist Bag Is Included To Protect & Secure Your Valuable Items!"

The Beach Buddy™ fashion tote bag's over the shoulder strap is also a waist bag/fanny pack. Once a again, all-in-one, if you need a waist bag; you've got one. Simply, more convenience at your finger tips. When worn over the shoulder, this waist bag is perfect to put your items that you'll need easy and quick access too.

Stop hiding your valuable items in your sneakers or sand. Everyone can go swimming; no one has to stay behind to guard everything. You can swim with a piece of mind knowing your walet, jewelry, cell phone, and more is protected and secured around your waist in a water-resistant fashion fanny bag.

"A Brillant Mix. Waist-Smoothing. Combined Usefulness With Style!"

The Beach Buddy's fanny bag features two water-resistant pockets and zipper security to protect your personal, valuable items. We can also personalize the fanny bag for you for that added extra touch of class.

On any part of the Beach Buddy, we can embroider your name, favorite design, favorite picture, and more. We use embroidery because it stands out elegantly on the terry cotton material. It will also retain its elegance throughout the lifetime of the bag.

Click here to order your Beach Buddy fashion tote bag NOW!

3) "A Full Size Beach Towel & Blanket Is Included For Quick Drying & Reliable Protection From Hot Sand & Hot Chairs"

Relax in style and comfort. These multipurpose fashion beach tote bags change into full size beach towels and beach blankets!

Need a beach towel; you've got one! Need a beach towel; you've got one!

Don't ever forget your beach towel or beach blanket home again. You can use the Beach Buddy™ fashion tote bag as a comfortable beach towel and beach blanket when you're in need of one.

Order Beach Buddy™ Fashion Tote Bag here in Blue, Pink, Purple Sold Out, Red Sold Out, or Yellow.

If by chance you forget your beach towel, you don't have to worry because you can always use the Beach Buddy's™. Just fully unzip and convert the barrel bag into an absorbent, soft, and full size beach towel that's perfect for drying off quickly. After drying yourself, simply shake it dry, and then use the beach towel as a comfortable beach blanket. These fashion beach tote bags change into soft and absorbent beach blankets & beach towels when you're in need of them, especially to cover chairs & sand!

Don't worry about sand sticking to the material or getting dirty because it's sand-resistant and machine washable.

"Just How Do You Save Money With This Beach Buddy™
Tote Bag"

Well, if you bought each item that's contained in the Beach Buddy™ Tote Bag separately such as the 2 small beach bags, 1 large tote bag, 1 duffel bag, 1 barrel bag, 1 water-resistant waist bag/fanny pack, 1 beach towel, & 1 beach blanket, you would spend much more than $49.93

2 Small Beach Bags $18.95
1 Big Tote Bag $15.99
1 Large Duffel Bag $17.99
1 Huge Barrel Bag $19.99
1 Water-resistant Waist Bag/Fanny Pack $10.95
1 Full Size Beach Towel $  9.99
1 Full Size beach Blanket $11.95
Grand Total $105.81

"You SAVE Over $50.00 For Each Beach Buddy™ Tote Bag
You Buy!"

" is absolutely sure you will be 100% satisfied with the Beach Buddy™ Tote Bag's many benefits and features that "We Guarantee It With A Money Back Policy!"

"You don't have to decide now if this remarkable tote bag is for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn't do everything I say and more, if your beach day life isn't better, or if you don't absolutely love it, just let me know and I'll give you your money back! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

"Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our 100%,
no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee
. If you aren't absolutely thrilled with the Beach Buddy tote bag, just send the product back within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked."

"Total Zipper Security!"
"Protect Your Beach Day Essentials In The Beach Buddy™
Tote Bag"

Jackie is demonstrating (left to right) how easy it is to zip close the Beach Buddy™ tote bag. You have the option of placing your items in the tote bag while it is open on the sand then zippering it close. This is a fast and easy way to pack up all your items at once.

"Even More Uses For The Beach Buddy™ Tote

These expandable, convertible fashion tote bags can also be used to carry other big and small items for many other outdoor activities such as picnics, soccer games, pool events, school field trips, hockey games, football games, baseball games, amusement parks, or where ever you need a soft comfortable shoulder tote bag that has a built in towel and blanket, and a waist bag / fanny pack.

Order Beach Buddy™ Fashion Tote Bag here in Blue, Pink, Purple Sold Out, Red Sold Out, or Yellow.

Great for much more than just beach and pool essentials. You can use the Beach Buddy™ Tote Bag to carry baseball bats, soccer balls, camping tents & accessories, hockey equipment, volley ball equipment, and more.
"Don't miss out on this exceptionally useful one-of-a-kind tote beach bag, which is available in five different colors...Sea Blue, Hot Pink, Royal Purple, Razzle-Dazzle Red, & Sunshine Yellow"


The Beach Buddy™ fashion tote bag is an excellent promotional gift product to promote your company's name, and is also a bag for the purely promotional persona as well. RoxiesShop can embroider your name, company's logo, or artwork design on any part of the Beach Buddy!

This originally designed tote beach bag is also the perfect unique gift for any occasion such as Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Baby Showers, and more!

"Remember Our Money Back Guarantee...
Order Now Risk FREE!"

Embroidery that stands out! Personalize the Beach Buddy tote bag with your name and company's logo! Click here to enlarge this picture of this personalized beach tote bag.
Order Your Beach Buddy Tote Bag Now! Just $49.95

If you need any more information, please call right-a-way TOLL FREE at 866-674-4606 or Email Us.


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