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"First Comes Your Precious Baby, Then Comes
The Baby's
"NEW! Announcing The First Ever Puppy Pad

"'s Puppy Pad Cakes Are An All
Useful, Adorable Gift For
The New Puppy

"Puppy Pad Cakes Are Also A GREAT Unique Gift
For Those Adult
Lovers Who Have Trained
Their Dogs To Go
Indoors!"'s Puppy Pad Cakes Will Help You Save Money
Right-A-Way On Training Pads & Puppy Care
Necessities &

"'s Puppy Pad Cakes Remove The
When You're Unsure Which
Essential Puppy Care
You Need To Care
For Your First

"'s Puppy Dog Cakes Save You Time
From Going To
The Pet Store
Every Puppy Cake Supplies You With Enough Super
Absorbent Quality
Training Pads
Puppy Dog Care Necessities To Last
You & Your Puppy
Well Over 3

NEW! Puppy Training Pad Cakes. An adorable puppy dog gift for every dog lover. Convenient. Useful. Helpful. Saves Money. Saves Time.

"Each Puppy Pad Cake Is Uniquely Different!"'s designers custom handcrafts and personalizes each cake to suit the needs of your puppy or dog's breed.

Each puppy training pad cake contains premium quality brand name training pads, clothing items, treats, grooming accessories, & toys all arranged in a uniquely perfect, adorable puppy dog pad cake.

Celebrate your puppy's first home coming, puppy's birthday, puppy's Christmas, or any other special occasion by giving your puppy a's genuine, superiorly handcrafted Puppy Training Pad Cake.

"Impress The Dog Lover In Your Life with A Gift That's Available No Where Else In the
World!"'s Puppy Pad
Cakes Are The Perfect
Puppy Pet Gifts
Give To Those Special Puppy Dog

"Don't Know What To Get For Your First Puppy?"'s Puppy Pad Cake are perfect starter-kit gifts for you to give to that someone special who just got their first puppy.
Say hello to Mugsy, a cute, lovable puppy pug that can't wait to get his paws on his puppy pad cake!
We puppyized this puppy pad cake with his puppy dog favorite treats and toys to make this puppy cake enticingly delicious as well as educational! Every puppy training pad cake is custom-designed to easily help train and housebreak your puppy dog the right way!

Puppy Training Pad Cakes are perfect gifts for the new puppy owner. Puppy Training Pad Cakes contain puppy housebreaking training pads, treats, grooming accessories, puppy toys, and more.
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Why is a Puppy Training Pad Cake
the absolute perfect doggie

  • These puppy pad cakes are very convenient and useful to give you that extra help you need to take care of your new puppy easier.


  • These puppy training pad cakes store all of your puppy's training pads and puppy care necessities perfectly in one location readily available for you to take care of your puppy right-a-way!


  • Give your friends and family members a puppy pad cake to help them save money on training pads and puppy treats! Everyone appreciates a gift that helps them save money!


  •'s puppy pad cakes are also great gifts for those doggie lovers that have trained their dogs to use pads indoors as an alternative elimination area.

"Show Your Puppy Dogs How Much You Love Them!
Really Make Your Puppy Dogs Feel Special With Puppy Pad Training
Your Puppy, Who Means The World To You, Will Absolutely Love This Perfect Gift That's
Uniquely Created With All Their
Special Puppy Treats, Puppy
Care Items, & Puppy
A Great Gift For All Those
Special Occasions!"

"Treats Galore & The Perfect Training Aid!"
Meet Kali, a loveable 10 month old beagle with a huge appetite for doggie biscuits & bones.

Your puppy dog will love every layer of a Puppy Training Pad Cake. Every layer of a Puppy Training Pad Cake contains bones, cookies, and more.
Your Puppy Dog Will Absolutely Love This Cake, Click Here To Order

To take this picture of Kali sitting next to her Puppy Pad Cake was a real challenge.
We had to entice Kali with several puppy treats from her puppy pad cake. Kali's puppy training cake was custom-designed especially for her with her favorite doggie biscuits & bones. She couldn't wait to sink her teeth into them!

Besides her treats, what's also important is that Kali will use the training pads since she's still being house trained. These training pads will come in handy especially during the snowy winter months when it is sometimes very difficult to go outside.

"A Feast For Your Puppy Dog's
Each Puppy Pad Cake Is Custom Designed & Puppyized & Doggieized With Your
Puppy & Doggie's Favorite

"Surprise Your Puppy With A Puppy Pad Cake!"'s designers create these puppy pad cakes in two sizes. Three tiers of standard housebreaking pads for small dogs and 4-tiers of oversized training pads for large dogs. Every 3-tier puppy pad cake contains well over 70 training pads to help you save time and money while taking care of your puppy.

The puppy dog parent will absolutely love a puppy pad cake gift! Great puppy gift for Birthdays, Holidays, and more. The perfect puppy gift to welcome the newest addition to your family.
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A Puppy Training Pad Cake Is A Great Gift Idea!
Puppy Parents & Puppies Will Absolutely Appreciate A Puppy Pad Cake Gift!

Every Puppy Training Pad Cake is customized to suit your puppy's needs! Click here to see a larger picture of this 3-tier puppy training pad cake.
A Puppy Training Pad Cake Is A One-Of-A-Kind Gift That You'll
Be Proud To

Every 4-tier puppy pad cake is handcrafted with over 100 oversized housebreaking pads to easily help you protect your carpets, floors, car seats, and more from those large doggie accidents! With over 70 training pads, you won't run out of pads quickly.

Taking care of your puppy shouldn't be expensive also. When you give someone you really care about a puppy pad cake gift, you are helping them save money on essential puppy care items which can add up to lots of money quickly.

Don't forget's Puppy Pad Training Cakes are 100% practical, convenient, & saves you money.
  • These puppy pad cakes remove the guesswork on which puppy care items you will need to properly care for your new puppy!


  • These puppy pad cakes contain over 70 premium quality super-absorbent house training pads to protect your floors & carpets, prevent accidents, and make clean-up easier. puppy pad cakes are proudly made in New York City.'s goal is to provide you with quality products. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Absolutely No Risk To You! If you are not 100% completely delighted with any one of our puppy pad cakes, just request your money back for a full and total refund of the purchase price...No questions asked!

" Offers FREE Premium Quality
Super Absorbent Training
& FREE Premium Quality Essential Puppy Care
Items In Every

"Order Your Puppy Training Pad
Cake Today For That
Special Mom &
They Will Absolutely LOVE YOU
For It!"

"Ask Any Parent With A New Puppy, You Can Never Have
Enough Puppy


Puppy Pads In Each Cake



Quality Disposable Pads



Free Quality Pads



Total Pads



Essential Puppy Items In Each Cake



Quality Essential Items



Free Quality Essential Items



Total Essential Items



(Types of essential items included in each puppy training pad cake may vary depending on availability)

" Offers Huge Discounts On
Every Puppy Pad
There's No Time Like The Present, Click Below On The Tier You Want, To Order Your
Puppy Pad Cake

Puppy Pad Cakes' Sizes & Discounts






3-Tier Puppy Pad Cake




$99.93 30%

4-Tier Puppy Pad Cake




$166.58 40%

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