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Roxie's Shop, Inc.
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Ricardo John
Owner & President
Roxie's Shop, Inc.

Hi, I'm Ricardo John, Owner & President of Roxie's Shop, Inc. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products or service, please call me toll-free anytime at 1-866-674-4606 Ext #6. Keeping you satisfied with our service is our #1 priority and keeping you delighted about our products is our ultimate goal. The information below defines our commitment and dedication to providing you with the highest quality of service & products.

Roxie's Shop, Inc is a small family owned business located in Staten Island, New York City. We have been designing and manufacturing photo albums, baby diaper cakes, and shoulder tote bags for over 15 years.
Every Photo Album, Baby Shower Diaper Cake, Puppy Training Pad Cake that is sold is uniquely designed and custom handcrafted by the Roxie's Shop, Inc. family. Our shoulder tote bag called the Beach Buddy is the only tote bag of its kind in the world and is made only by Roxie's Shop, Inc.
Additionally, in 2004, the family has teamed up with UNIM, a growing internet hosting company, to offer our customers the opportunity to develop, design, and afford their very own e-Commerce website business.
In 2005, Roxie's Shop, Inc. introduced a new product on the market for puppy dogs called Puppy Training Pad Cakes.
As a small manufacturing company, we take immense pride in every item that leaves the shop, delivering you the highest quality products available on the market.

Roxie's Shop, Inc. hopes you will absolutely enjoy our custom designed exclusive products and eCommerce website building system. We look forward to providing you with gift products for a lifetime of enjoyment and internet services for a more prominent and financial future. You will not find Roxie's Shop, Inc. products anywhere else in the world.

The Mission of Roxie's Shop, Inc. is to become the premier supplier of uniquely designed, custom-handcrafted gifts by offering the highest quality products at a fair and competitive price; utilizing the finest materials, skilled trades people, efficient team management and staff.
Roxie's Shop, Inc. will also deliver excellent customer service to each and everyone of their customers through a highly trained staff. Through new technology, product knowledge and visionary thinking to serve their customers, and employees as the industry leader while maintaining profitability and industry excellence well into the 21st century.

Your feedback is very important to us!
Please email us with any comments, complaints, or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

Roxie's Shop, Inc. guarantees that all our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Our goal is to constantly achieve 100% customer satisfaction every day.

We want you to try our products absolutely risk-free. If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please return it for a full refund including shipping and handling charges - no questions asked. Of course, if you would like to offer your feedback concerning improving the product, we would definitely appreciate it.



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